Best Roach Killer Methods

Roaches are those unwelcomed guest that do not leave your house easily. The fact that damp, dark places with food sources found in most homes are usually the favorite dwelling of these awful pests, getting rid of them can sometimes prove to be a difficult and impossible task. However, before hiring professional services, opting for some of the best roach killer methods can go a long way in helping you get rid of roaches in a safe and effective manner.

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Boric acid roach killer

Boric acid is considered one of the best roach repellent methods of controlling cockroaches indoors. To make a boric acid paste, mix equal quantities of boric acid, sugar and water. Apply this paste in cracks, along baseboards, under the sinks, cabinets or anywhere you see roaches. When roaches eat this paste, they become dehydrated and ultimately die. However, if they carry the paste to their nest through their legs and back, the young roaches eat it and also die eventually.

Live Roach Traps

This method of killing roaches attracts the roaches in the traps by using some form of bait and then prevents them from moving out, thereby trapping them. Although ready-made cockroach traps are available in the market, you can use a homemade cockroach trap. For doing this, you are required to place food such a crackers or dampened bread in a steep bowl that is coated with petroleum jelly. Roaches the climb in the bowl in search of food will find it hard to climb out, thereby getting trapped inside.

This method is considered one of the roach killer safe for pets methods.

Roach Baits

Using baits is perhaps the best roach killer safe for pets. The fact that most bait for cockroaches available in the market is usually sealed in a container, they are completely safe for pets even when they are left in out of the way places. Placing baits under the furniture or tucking it into the corners can go a long way in helping you eliminate roaches effectively.

Soap and water

Using soap and water is a simple and effective natural roach killer home remedy that can help control roaches in your home. For applying this remedy, pour water and one teaspoon of liquid detergent into a spray bottle and mix them thoroughly. When you happen to see a roach, immediately spray this mixture on it. As soon as the mixture is sprayed, it happens to clog the roach’s pores and makes it difficult for it to breathe. This causes the roach to die eventually.

This method is also considered one of the roach killer safe for pets methods.

Electronic Roach Killer

This method of killing roaches basically uses an electric device that produces sound that is essentially unpleasant to roaches and therefore helps expel them. These easy to use electronic devices to kill cockroaches can essentially be placed close the area which is most infested with roaches. One of the greatest benefit of using these electronic device for roach control is the fact that they are not only safe for human’s and pets, but also are useful in driving away the roaches successfully without having a dead insect in the house. Furthermore, electronic devices for eliminating roaches can be used conveniently all through the day without requiring one to apply substances in order to get rid of them.

Diatomaceous Earth

Using diatomaceous earth is perhaps the best natural roach killer that can help you kill this pest in a safe and effective manner. To use this method, apply a light coating of diatomaceous earth in areas such as wall cavities, crevices, cracks, baseboards or anywhere where the roaches hide. However, when applying it, make sure that the area is completely dry. When a cockroach exposes itself to diatomaceous earth, the minerals present tends to pierce through the protective covering of the body of the roach, resulting to its fatal dehydration. A great benefit of using this method is the fact that it is essentially less toxic to humans, environment and pets when compared to liquid pesticide and insecticide products.

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Roaches usually enter buildings through door openings or loose fitting windows. Thus, sealing these entrances, keeping sinks and kitchen counters clean, eliminating clutter and removing garbage from the kitchen periodically and keeping outside containers closed can go a long way in preventing these pests from entering your house. However, if you still find your place infested with roaches, using any of the above mentioned roach killer methods can prove to be highly beneficial in helping you stop and also prevent roaches from coming back.

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